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2020-10 26

[General]Seongdong-Gu Shopping District in Front of HYU will be Transformed into a Smart Shopping District..."Use QR Codes and deliver products"

The shopping district in front of Hanyang University in Seongdong-gu will be transformed into a smart commercial district as it was selected for the "2020 Smart Demonstration Shopping District" contest hosted by the Ministry of SMEs and Venture Business on 17th of October. Smart Demonstration Shopping District is a project to support the digitalization of small businesses to cope with non-face-to-face consumption and the rapid change of environment due to COVID-19. They are planning to revitalize stores by introducing smart systems that incorporate 4th industrial revolution technologies such as VR, AR, and IoT. The shopping district in front of Hanyang University will receive up to 296 million won in support for the introduction of smart technology and the installation of a system that incorporates various latest technology. ▲The shopping district in front of HYU was selected for the '2020 Smart Demonstration Shopping District' Competition. First of all, a 'smart order system' will be introduced by the end of this year. Smart order system allows non-face-to-face reservation, order, and payment system. Hanyang University's shopping district implements a simple order service system using QR code. It will also establish a system that can deliver the products non face-to-face at the same time. "The 'smart order system' can reduce travelling distance and manpower costs in stores, enabling safe, non-face-to-face orders, and solving order waiting times and errors," said an official from Seongdong-gu District Office and expects the customer's satisfaction to increase. Digital Signage Electronic Promotion Board, which provides comprehensive guidance on the location of each store, handling products, and local attractions, will also be installed throughout the shopping district. It is installed as a system that can be operated and managed by small business owners in the shopping district, allowing them to freely change menus or design. By providing customized advertisements and information tailored to the time and place where customers flock to each store, more customers will be encouraged to visit the mall. Global News Team Translation by: Lee Hee-jin

2020-10 26

[General]Career Development Center Opens 'Job Studio' to Enhance the Ability for AI and Online Video Interviews

Job Studio, a space for AI and online video interviews, was recently opened in October. Many students are expected to use this area. The Career Development Center's 'Job Studio' is a multi-platform space that reflects changes in recruitment trends caused by the 4th Industrial Revolution and the recent spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. ▲ External appearance of the ERICA Career Development Center's 'Job Studio' ▲ERICA Career Development Center 'Job Studio' external appearance 'Job Studio' opened in September to run a beta test before opening its online reservation system on October for the students use. 'Job studio' provides equipment and space for AI interviews and online video interviews to prepare the students systematically before they jump into the market. The studio is equipped with various devices such as video equipment, lighting, soundproof walls, microphones as well as editing programs to perform various functions such as recording a video and editing of lectures. The 'pre-AI interview' provided by the studio, analyzes the interviewee's overall gaze, head movements, voice volume and facial changes in detail for improvement. As the whole process of the pre-interview will be recorded, the interviewee can receive immediate feedback after checking their appearance and their replies. Students who want to use this studio can log-in to 'HY-IN', then go to [Employment] - [HY-CDP]- [Job Studio] to choose the date they want to use the area together with the time. Global News Team Translation by: Lee Hee-jin

2020-10 23

[Event]Hanyang University Finishes the Global Accelerating Program… Developing Global Innovation Businesses

On October 21st, the Hanyang University Startup Support Foundation (Head Ryu Chang-wan) announced that the ‘2020 Seoul Online Global Accelerating Program' (hereinafter the Program), which was subject to the Seoul region pre-strat-up beneficiary companies, was successfully held. Since July, Hanyang University, along with the Seoul Region Small and Medium Venture Business Administration and the 2020 Preliminary Startup Package Seoul Metropolitan Area Supervision Agency (Seoul Creative Economy Innovation Center, Konkuk University, Soongsil University, Yonsei University), selected 10 start-up companies that hope to reach abroad to support 1:1 online mentoring with foreign experts, investor meetings, IR pitch deck writing education, business model analysis report, and demo-day. With the cooperation from the KIMC, a Vietnamese local accelerator, the whole program proceeded by going over and enforcing the local network connection, the business feasibility of the start-up item, and market strategies. On October 17th, the last step of the program, the online Demo-day was held with keynote lectures from the start-up Sendbird engineer Eric Kim, with pitches from the 7 companies subject to domestic accelerator and investors, and a Q&A. Also, Steve Adelman of Nexus Partners, with four other foreign local accelerators and investment agency experts, joined as judges to provide feedbacks on start-up overseas advancement strategies. On the Demo-day held on the 17th, Nowgo (CEO Lee Ga-young), which operates a marine transportation and logistics service platform, Unurf (CEO Choi Un-yong), which introduced eco-friendly planter air purifiers, and Robinhood Plain (CEO Jang Chan-ik), which developed a seller-oriented market platform through consumer analysis, received high praise. These companies will be provided with benefits such as 1:1 meetings with overseas investors and investment links. Ryu Chang-wan, head of Hanyang University's Startup Support Foundation, said, "The program is designed to provide practical help to start-ups in the process of entering the global market," adding, "We will actively support participating companies to create practical global start-up results through professional networks by sector." Global News Team Translation by: Park Gyeong-min

2020-10 22

[General]ERICA Student Union Submits Signatures and Requests Mayor Interview for Shin Ansan Line Hanyang University Station Gate Installation

▲ The Student Union submitted a complaint to Ansan City to request changing the Shin Ansan line Hanyang University station gate direction. On October 19th, the ERICA Student Union received signatures from 4,450 university students through online (4,450) and in-person signatures for two weeks since the 15th regarding the change of the Shin Ansan line Hanyang University station campus gate direction. The Student Union said, “We were aware that the gate’s direction was in the direction of the campus when the Shin Ansan line Hanyang University station installation was decided, but the document announced by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport did not indicate the campus gate direction.” Moreover, they added that “The university constantly filed complaints to the Ministry and the Ansan City regarding the necessity for additional gate installation but got back replies saying that due to the user pays principle, the university needs to pay for the 16 billion won to install additional gateways in the campus direction.” Furthermore, they said, “We talked with the City and the Ministry’s members and checked the validity investigation documents and found out that the lake park entrance that is now under construction has far less expected users compared to the campus gateways. Also, the number of expected users will be increased once the Innovation Park construction inside the campus is finished. As a result, we pushed for the signatures of university students and are planning on requesting a personal talk with the mayor of Ansan City.” Head of the Student Union Yoon Ji-suk said, “We have filed our complaint for the interview request on October 15 and are waiting for their replies. This signature campaign was not only for the student’s profit but for the hope that the government and the city to pay more attention to changing the gateways in ways that they can be used more often.” Global News Team Translation by: Park Gyeong-min

2020-10 22

[Academics]Professor Oh Sung-geun Receives the Silver-nano Master Batch Commercialization Confirmation from the US EPA

▲ Hanyang University Professor Oh Sung-geun Hanyang University Professor Oh Sung-geun (Department of Chemical Engineering), along with the United States Poly Technical Solution Ltd., received the commercialization confirmation of silver-nano containing Polyguard NSPW master batch by the US EPA in July. The Silver-nano master batch received a conditional confirmation in 2015 and received the official confirmation in just five years by submitting additional documents regarding its safety. According to the N2CELL’s announcement on October 20th, the silver-nano master batch first surrounds the silver-nano particle with silica and then the polyguard as the second layer enforces its safety. The silver-nano is placed inside the plastic pellet of a polyguard, which later covers the fiber through the extrusion process. It is possible to effectively sanitize planctobacteria such as virus by applying this technology. Silver is known to have an antibacterial effect with more than 650 microorganisms such as germs, fungus, and viruses. As it was proved by the experiment conducted in the Bioscience Lab, which holds public confidence even in the United States, the silver-nano master batch effectively decreased the COVID-19 infectiousness. According to N2CELL, “We are preparing protection suit and mask production using the silver-nano fiber” and that “We expect to safety protect the wearer from COVID-19.” Meanwhile, Professor Oh is in charge as the N2CELL’s research consultancy and is participating in developing diverse nano fibers using functional nano complex, which will be later used for air purifier filters and automobile air filters other than nano filters for masks. N2CELL is the only company in Korea that is producing antibacterial masks by impregnating the silver-nano compound, which was used for receiving EPA’s confirmation for the master batch through electrospinning technology. Global News Team Translation by: Park Gyeong-min

2020-10 21

[Alumni]Alumni Park Hwa-young receives the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Park Hwa-young (Photo·62), chairman of INCOCO, a famous and global company with its ‘sticker manicures’, received the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award. EY Entrepreneur of the Year is an award started in 1986 Milwaukee by the global accounting firm EY and has been awarding successful global start-ups in diverse fields. In this year’s Innovative Cosmetics Concepts field, the global nail brand INCOCO won the award. Alumni Park Hwa-young INCOCO is a cosmetics company that gave rise to the manicure revolution in the United States·Europe·Asia regions by creating the first ‘sticker manicure’. With its unrivaled technology, it is considered to have moved away from the limitations of nail polish while allowing faster and more convenient manicure usage and minimizing nail damage. With its entry into the UK·France·Korea, INCOCO has 500 employees in the New Jersey headquarters and factories, and earned more than 200 billion won in sales last year. Meanwhile, chairman Park Hwa-young majored in vocal music at Hanyang University and moved to the United States to study chemistry and engineering, to become the first to commercialize ‘manicure film’. Chairman Park, removing the barriers between academics, has been recognized as the ‘icon of convergence’ in the global cosmetics field. Hanyang University awarded Chairman Park with an honorary doctorate in engineering last year in recognition of his contribution. Global News Team Translation by: Park Gyeong-min

2020-10 21

[Faculty]Professor Kim Bong-young Wins the ‘International Investigator Award’ at the World's Biggest Academic Conference on Infection ‘IDWeek’

▲ Hanyang University Hospital Professor Kim Bong-young (Division of Internal Infectious Disease) Professor Kim Bong-young of Hanyang University's College of Medicine (Division of Internal Infectious Disease) will be awarded with the ‘International Investigator Award’ at the ‘2020 IDWeek’ on October 21st, which is the world’s largest academic conference on infectious disease. This event will be conducted online due to COVID-19. ‘IDWeek’ is the world’s biggest comprehensive academic event that four infectious disease related societies, the IDSA, SHEA, HIVMA, and PIDS jointly hold, and the ‘International Investigator Award’ is an award given to young researchers who have submitted oustanding abstracts outside the North American region. Professor Kim will be awarded with the ‘International Investigator Award’ in the infectious disease field on the paper he submitted about the ‘Changes in the bacterial properties of ciprofloxacin-resistant E.coli separated from patients with acute nephritis in Korea’. His thesis explained in detail how the bacterial characteristics of E. coli, one of the most common community bacterial infections, have changed over the past decade. Through the findings, effective treatment development for urinary tract infections, a common infection in which more than 50% of women have experienced at least once in their lifetime, is expected. In addition, Professor Kim Bong-young graduated from Hanyang University's College of Medicine, received a doctorate from the same college graduate school, and has been specializing in treating unexplained fever, HIV/AIDS, and multidrug resistant bacteria since 2018. At present, he is actively participating as a regular member of The Korean Association of Internal Medicine, The Korean Society of Infectious Diseases, The Korean Society for Antimicrobial Therapy, and The Society for Healthcare-associated Infection Control and Prevention. Also, he was awarded an Excellent Performance Award at the The Korean Society for Antimicrobial Therapy· The Korean Society of Infectious Diseases in 2019, and was selected at The Society of Healthcare Epidemiology of America International Ambassador Program in 2020. Global News Team Translation by: Park Gyeong-min

2020-10 20

[Event]Hanyang University ERICA and Austria IMC University Applied Sciences Krems Made an Academic Exchange Agreement

On October 8th, Hanyang University ERICA and Austria IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems created an academic exchange agreement online. On this agreement, the Dean of the Austria IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems Karl Ennsfellner (CEO), Iris Waringer head of the International Department, and Yoo Bong-young head of the International Department from ERICA participated in the online meeting for the agreement. On August 26th, the two universities first discussed the agreement through an online meeting. The agreement ceremony was made through the online video conference program ZOOM due to COVID-19. Because the agreement is the first to be held online, it holds greater meaning during the era of COVID-19. The IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems, located in the northeast of Krems, Austria, is an executive ability-focused university that was established in 1994. Through this agreement, the university will conduct undergraduate students centered on academic exchange in areas such as business, digitalization, life sciences, and more. ▲ Online exchange agreement ceremony ▲ Yoo Bong-young, head of the ERICA International Department, and Karl Ennsfellner, dean of the university, are signing the agreement. Global News Team Translation by: Lee Won-young

2020-10 20

[Event]Hanyang University Selected the 4th Global Startup Mentoring Team

On the 11th (local time), Hanyang University opened the 4th starting ceremony of the Global Startup Mentoring Team (Mentoring Team from below) of the U.S. Silicone Valley. To support the students that are preparing for the startup establishment on the global stage, Hanyang University has been organizing the mentoring team since 2017, finding alumni mentors that are working at the Silicone Valley, U.S. for this year, the mentoring team was expanded to Vietnam, Hanoi, and China, Shanghai, creating more chance for the students to go abroad. The mentoring team is organized of a total of 36 members, from major areas that lead the 4th Industrial Revolution, such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Automatic Driving, and Big Data, as well as other fields such as investment, legal, and global network. The mentoring team is expected to provide substantial help to the startups that are preparing to go abroad. On the 11th, (U.S. Silicone Valley Local Time) mentors that are participating in the 4th Global Startup Mentoring Team ceremony are taking a photograph online. Hanyang University is the first Korean university to create a platform that supports the employment and establishment of startups of the University students and alumni, by collecting help from former alumni. Through the platform, the mentoring team conducted the start-up lectures, as well as holding investment connected startup competition along with the mentoring. Ryu Chang-wan, Head of the Startup Support Foundation, mentioned that "there is always the need for education with wide views, allowing students to prepare for a global startup from the beginning stage of the establishment," and added that "the global field experience of the mentors will be a great help to the next startup establishers." Global News Team Translated by: Lee Won-young

2020-10 20

[Academics]Hanyang University Developed 'Korean Society Real-Time Emotion Map'

Hanyang University's joint research team (Professor Choi Yong-suk, Kim Han-sung, Son Dong-young) developed an 'Emotion Map' that measures the real-time emotions of Korean society according to regions and cities around the country. The map shows seven emotions such as anxiety, anger, revulsion, joy, surprise, and sadness, which are visualized by the density of colors. For example, in an area where the feeling of surprise is high is shown in a dark green color, while the low leveled area is shown in light green. The joint research team developed the automatically categorizing system that judges the emotions shown from the writings that social media users post online. The team published a paper to explain the categorizing system. The paper was published in the SSCI(Social Science Citation Index) level journal, 「Social Science Computer Review」. The joint research team proved its validity by collecting around 2.7 million Twitter posts and using the time and location data from Statistics Korea. <Anxiety Emotion Level from March~May, 2020> For areas that had a higher number of COVID-19 patients during last March~April, the level of anxiety occurred to be higher than the average anxiety level of Korea. <Joy Emotion Level from March~May, 2020> The level of joy in the areas during the same period is lower than the average level of other areas. The research outcome and the emotion map can be used as the thermometer that measures the public's emotions on social-political issues, as well as sensing social atmosphere around other social issues such as economic inequality, political polarization, youth unemployment, and more. The emotion map can be used by anyone, which is accessible through the research center website. (Website URL: Meanwhile, the joint research team is part of the Leading Research Center (CRC) that is supported by the Ministry of Education and the National Research Foundation of Korea. The CRC is conducting combined research of the social science and data science field, to understand and solve complex social issues in this hyper-connected society. 13 professors within and outside the country and many other researchers are participating in the research, from fields such as social science and computer science. Screenshot of the Emotion Map of the Website Global News Team Translation by: Lee Won-young

2020-10 19

[Event]Hanyang University holds Next Impact Conference..." Discussion on Collective Impact for a Better World"

Hanyang University will be holding the "2020 Next Impact Conference" on October 29 with SSIR (Stanford Social Innovation Review), the Korea Social Welfare Council, and The Chosun Ilbo's The Na Eun Mirae. This year, it will be broadcast live online to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The Next Impact Conference is an annual international event with the theme of "Collective Impact," in which stakeholders from various sectors work together to create an impact to solve complex social problems. Hanyang University has already held this event with SSIR, a media outlet specializing in social innovation, since 2018. The "2020 Next Impact Conference" marks the 10th anniversary of the collective impact and will diagnose various types of collective impact cases that have been used in the field. They will also discuss how we can create a better world through collective action in the next new normal era, where no one can predict anything due to variables such as digital transformation and COVID-19. The conference consists of 4 sessions. President Kim Woo-seung and professor Shin Hyun-sang from the Division of Business Administration will participate in the opening and closing, respectively. In Session 1, they will diagnose the current status of the Collective Impact that is being carried out at the global level and discuss the future direction. Session 2, which runs from 1 p.m., will diagnose the present and future of the Asian impact ecosystem from the perspective of the Collective Impact. Session 3 will share cases of public and private cooperation centred on Korean and Asian communities, and the last session, session 5, will be held to discuss what capabilities are required for next-generation leaders who will lead the impact ecosystem in Korea and Asia from a Collective Impact perspective. The conference will be held in English for all sessions except for session 3 (Korean subtitles will be provided). Applications for participation can be made on the Next Conference Website (move when clicked). ▲Next Impact Conference Poster Global News Team Translation by: Lee Hee-jin

2020-10 19

[Event]"Donate by running"... Online Donation Campaign "Untact Race Hanyang"

A donation system where you can donate as much as you run, "Untact Race Hanyang," will be conducted from October 14 to November 13. "Untact Race Hanyang" is an online donation competition organized by Hanyang University that supports Hanyang students who have been financially affected by COVID-19 by running at any time and place. All students can participate in this donation by using a GPS-enabled application called "Longest Run." The campaign is open to all participants for 31 days from the date of application, regardless of time and place. Participation fee is 50,000 won for alumni and faculty members, 20,000 won for enrolled students. All the money collected from the participants will be donated to those who have been financially affected by COVID-19 as scholarship. All participants will be given a bundle of masks and sport towel as souvenirs. Once 50km, cumulative record, has been reached, the participant will receive a Nike Headband. For those who want to participate, register for participation on the website of External cooperation team and download the running application, "Longest Run." When signing up as a member, set the nickname to Name + Handphone last 4 number." Search "Hanyang" in the community within the application and join the community. You can then select the running mode to measure, share your records and join whenever and wherever you want for a month. There is an event for group participation. If you participate in the "Untact Race Hanyang" as a group (more than 20 members), souvenirs will be given when all members in the group achieve a record of 50km, cumulative. Meanwhile, "Longest Run" has helped us use the platform in terms of social contribution and will not generate revenue through this campaign. All related inquiries, such as the use of campaigns and applications, can be made to the External Cooperation Team. ▶"Untact Race Hanyang" participation application: ▲ "Untact Race Hanyang" Information (Source: External Cooperation Team) Global News Team Translation by: Lee Hee-jin