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2020-10 26

[General]Career Development Center Opens 'Job Studio' to Enhance the Ability for AI and Online Video Interviews

Job Studio, a space for AI and online video interviews, was recently opened in October. Many students are expected to use this area. The Career Development Center's 'Job Studio' is a multi-platform space that reflects changes in recruitment trends caused by the 4th Industrial Revolution and the recent spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. ▲ External appearance of the ERICA Career Development Center's 'Job Studio' ▲ERICA Career Development Center 'Job Studio' external appearance 'Job Studio' opened in September to run a beta test before opening its online reservation system on October for the students use. 'Job studio' provides equipment and space for AI interviews and online video interviews to prepare the students systematically before they jump into the market. The studio is equipped with various devices such as video equipment, lighting, soundproof walls, microphones as well as editing programs to perform various functions such as recording a video and editing of lectures. The 'pre-AI interview' provided by the studio, analyzes the interviewee's overall gaze, head movements, voice volume and facial changes in detail for improvement. As the whole process of the pre-interview will be recorded, the interviewee can receive immediate feedback after checking their appearance and their replies. Students who want to use this studio can log-in to 'HY-IN', then go to [Employment] - [HY-CDP]- [Job Studio] to choose the date they want to use the area together with the time. Global News Team Translation by: Lee Hee-jin

2020-10 22

[General]ERICA Student Union Submits Signatures and Requests Mayor Interview for Shin Ansan Line Hanyang University Station Gate Installation

▲ The Student Union submitted a complaint to Ansan City to request changing the Shin Ansan line Hanyang University station gate direction. On October 19th, the ERICA Student Union received signatures from 4,450 university students through online (4,450) and in-person signatures for two weeks since the 15th regarding the change of the Shin Ansan line Hanyang University station campus gate direction. The Student Union said, “We were aware that the gate’s direction was in the direction of the campus when the Shin Ansan line Hanyang University station installation was decided, but the document announced by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport did not indicate the campus gate direction.” Moreover, they added that “The university constantly filed complaints to the Ministry and the Ansan City regarding the necessity for additional gate installation but got back replies saying that due to the user pays principle, the university needs to pay for the 16 billion won to install additional gateways in the campus direction.” Furthermore, they said, “We talked with the City and the Ministry’s members and checked the validity investigation documents and found out that the lake park entrance that is now under construction has far less expected users compared to the campus gateways. Also, the number of expected users will be increased once the Innovation Park construction inside the campus is finished. As a result, we pushed for the signatures of university students and are planning on requesting a personal talk with the mayor of Ansan City.” Head of the Student Union Yoon Ji-suk said, “We have filed our complaint for the interview request on October 15 and are waiting for their replies. This signature campaign was not only for the student’s profit but for the hope that the government and the city to pay more attention to changing the gateways in ways that they can be used more often.” Global News Team Translation by: Park Gyeong-min

2020-10 20

[Event]Hanyang University ERICA and Austria IMC University Applied Sciences Krems Made an Academic Exchange Agreement

On October 8th, Hanyang University ERICA and Austria IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems created an academic exchange agreement online. On this agreement, the Dean of the Austria IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems Karl Ennsfellner (CEO), Iris Waringer head of the International Department, and Yoo Bong-young head of the International Department from ERICA participated in the online meeting for the agreement. On August 26th, the two universities first discussed the agreement through an online meeting. The agreement ceremony was made through the online video conference program ZOOM due to COVID-19. Because the agreement is the first to be held online, it holds greater meaning during the era of COVID-19. The IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems, located in the northeast of Krems, Austria, is an executive ability-focused university that was established in 1994. Through this agreement, the university will conduct undergraduate students centered on academic exchange in areas such as business, digitalization, life sciences, and more. ▲ Online exchange agreement ceremony ▲ Yoo Bong-young, head of the ERICA International Department, and Karl Ennsfellner, dean of the university, are signing the agreement. Global News Team Translation by: Lee Won-young

2020-10 19

[Event]"Donate by running"... Online Donation Campaign "Untact Race Hanyang"

A donation system where you can donate as much as you run, "Untact Race Hanyang," will be conducted from October 14 to November 13. "Untact Race Hanyang" is an online donation competition organized by Hanyang University that supports Hanyang students who have been financially affected by COVID-19 by running at any time and place. All students can participate in this donation by using a GPS-enabled application called "Longest Run." The campaign is open to all participants for 31 days from the date of application, regardless of time and place. Participation fee is 50,000 won for alumni and faculty members, 20,000 won for enrolled students. All the money collected from the participants will be donated to those who have been financially affected by COVID-19 as scholarship. All participants will be given a bundle of masks and sport towel as souvenirs. Once 50km, cumulative record, has been reached, the participant will receive a Nike Headband. For those who want to participate, register for participation on the website of External cooperation team and download the running application, "Longest Run." When signing up as a member, set the nickname to Name + Handphone last 4 number." Search "Hanyang" in the community within the application and join the community. You can then select the running mode to measure, share your records and join whenever and wherever you want for a month. There is an event for group participation. If you participate in the "Untact Race Hanyang" as a group (more than 20 members), souvenirs will be given when all members in the group achieve a record of 50km, cumulative. Meanwhile, "Longest Run" has helped us use the platform in terms of social contribution and will not generate revenue through this campaign. All related inquiries, such as the use of campaigns and applications, can be made to the External Cooperation Team. ▶"Untact Race Hanyang" participation application: ▲ "Untact Race Hanyang" Information (Source: External Cooperation Team) Global News Team Translation by: Lee Hee-jin

2020-10 19

[Event]ERICA Holds a "Hult-Prize" Global Start-up Idea Competition

The "Hult-Prize On-Campus" will be held at Hanyang University ERICA Campus. "On-Campus" is the first step of Hult-Prize, and will be carried out by the campus director and the school's student management team. Hult-Prize is a global start-up idea contest hosted by the United Nations and Hult International Business School to discover college student teams who want to exert a positive influence on millions of lives and help young people grow. Currently, students representing 150 universities around the world have teamed up to solve the most pressing social problems designated by the United Nations with a business mindset. The competition will be held in the order of On-Campus, Regionals, Accelerator and UN Final. The team to win the UN Final will receive 1.2 billion won of seed money. College students participating in the On-campus competition will need to form a group 3 to 4 and present a business model that will solve the challenges presented by the UN. The students will challenge, interact and grow their capabilities college students from all around the world with the goal to solve the "most pressing social problems faced by the world." Those who win the "on-campus" competition will get a chance to compete in the next round "Regionals" competition. The first round of recruitment will be held from September 28 to October 11, and the second round will be from October 16 to November 9. The DEMO DAY will start from November 30 to December 1. ▲On-Campus Card News (Source: Hult-Prize On-Campus in ERICA Facebook) ▶Inquiries - Open kakaoTalk: - Instagram: - Facebook: Global News Team Translation by: Lee Hee-jin

2020-10 15

[Special][Photo News] Hanyang Plaza under Construction

Hanyang University has had most lectures for the fall semester online due to COVID-19. While students are not on campus, the Hanyang Plaza (Student Welfare Building) is getting redecorated. As it is now under construction, there are some inconveniences on the entering and using of the facility, but newly launching stores and changed facilities are worth expecting. ▲Convenience store ‘Ministop’ newly launched in October ▲Some stores are closed for redecoration ▲Focused worker on the construction ▲Construction materials are piled up at one side of the building ▲Some stores are fenced to block the construction site ▲Hanyang Plaza (Student Welfare Building) 1st floor hallway. Some stores are closed due to the construction Written by reporter Ryu Seo-hyun Global News Team Translation by: Park Gyeong-min

2020-10 14

[Event]2020 Spring Semester ERICA IC-PBL Contest and Outstanding Result Sharing Conference

On October 7, the 2020 Spring semester ERICA IC-PBL contest and outstanding result sharing conference was held in the ERICA Conference Hall central auditorium. However, this event was broadcasted live online through the Hanyang University's ERICA YouTube channel to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The event was held in the order of President Kim Woo-seung's congratulatory speech, the contest award ceremony, the presentation of outstanding cases, and the closing speech of IC-PBL Center Director Park Ki-soo. ▲ (Note) List of award-winning subjects Eighteen out of a total of 142 subjects operated in the first semester of 2020. 84 undergraduate IC-PBLs and 58 graduate IC-PBL+ were selected as outstanding subjects in the IC-PBL contest and won the honor of winning the prize. In particular, this semester, 10 outstanding partner institutions that participated in IC-PBL classes were selected and awarded with appreciation plaques. We invited the Halla Corporation, the Korea Expressway Corporation, and Hyulim Robot Corporation to express our gratitude to the event. Among the awarded subjects in this contest, ▲ The undergraduate IC-PBL had Professor Shin Kyu-sik’s theory of mechanism, Professor Scott Uk-jin Lee’s software engineering, and Professor Choi Ji-won’s creative prototyping, ▲The graduate school IC-PBL had Professor Song Ji-sung’s visual design workshop and Professor Kwak Dong-yeop’s fundamental engineering·advanced soil mechanics, and ▲ The fused IC-PBL had Professor Lee Byung-joo and Jeon Sang-gil’s ICT convergence robot engineering present the outstanding lecture cases and results. ※ The actual education model IC-PBL used by Hanyang University is a representative educational model that solves practical issues that learners encounter in the field through links between the industry, society, and the university. Also, the graduate school’s IC-PBL+ is a graduate-tailored curriculum for the enhancement of graduate students' social problem-solving skills and the cultivation of research capabilities based on their undergraduate IC-PBL operation experience and achievements in ERICA graduate school. Global News Team Translation by: Park Gyeong-min

2020-10 13

[Student]Kim Ho-Jun and Song Nuri-young receive the Silver Award at the 36th Dong-A Korean Traditional Music Competition

Hanyang University students Kim Ho-jun (Class of '19) and Song Nuri-young (Class of '16), from the Korean Traditional Music Department in the College of Music, both received silver awards for the gayageum part and daegeum part each at the 36th Dong-A Korean Traditional Music Competition that ended on the 17th. This year's Dong-A Korean Traditional Music Competition, which was sponsored by the Jeong Hyo Gugak Cultural Foundation and the Lotte Group, was held by the Dong-A Ilbo at the Heong Hyo Art Center. The competition began in 1985 to foster the human cultural assets of the future. Through the competition, various professors and artists have been discovered. The competition is divided into two groups: the 'Students' and the 'General' participants, which seeks the best artists according to the instruments. This year, there have been a total of 40 participants that have received the award among the 56 final round participants, including seven gold award winners from the general section and 2 gold award winners from the student section. Due to COVID-19, this year's competition was held without an audience. Specific results and commentaries on the competition can be found on the website of the competition. Also, the video clip of the final round will be released within this month, under a certain amount of payment. ▶ Check keywords from Hanyang wiki (Click) : Student Awards Global News Team Translation by: Lee Won-young

2020-10 12

[Policy]Hanyang University ERICA and LH-Asan City Signs an Agreement to Promote the Campus Innovation Park Project

On September 16th, Hanyang University ERICA signed a basic agreement with LH (Korea Land & Housing Corporation) and Ansan City to promote the campus innovation park project. Campus Innovation Park is a project that designates unused sites on university campuses as urban advanced industrial complexes. It creates various facilities to accommodate companies and support startups. It also develops universities as bases for innovation and growth by concentrating government cooperation between industry, academia and research and corporate capacity-building projects. Previously, in August 2019, Hanyang University ERICA was selected through a competition by the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, and the Ministry of Small and Medium Venture Business. LH, which is an expert in industrial complex development, participated as the general manager of the project and signed agreements with Gangwon National University and Hannam University. They signed agreements with Hanyang University and Ansan City this year. The agreement was signed to further clarify the role of each institution before the project was carried out in earnest, and according to the agreement, the three organizations agreed to ▲cooperate in securing the site for the project, ▲establish a business plan for raising project costs, and ▲ attract tenant companies. The Hanyang University ERICA Campus Innovation Park will be built with a total area of 78,000㎡. Before building an Innovation park, LH plans to build an industry-academic innovation hub building with a floor area of 22,300㎡ to provide workspace for start-ups and growing companies at low rents. Hence, LH will be in charge of building the complex, including licensing, by pre-investing about 50 billion won, including government financial support, while Ansan City will be in charge of licensing and project support. Hanyang University will be in charge of subsidies. Negotiations are currently being done to approve the industrial complex plan, and construction is expected to begin at the end of this year. Companies will be able to start to move in by the end of 2022. LH President Byun Chang-heum (right in the photo), Ansan Mayor Yoon Hwa-sup (centre in the photo), and Hanyang University President Kim Woo-seung (left in the photo) are taking a photo to commemorate the basic agreement. Global News Team Translation by: Lee Hee-jin

2020-10 08

[Faculty]Professor Ryu Geun receives the Best Paper Award at the Korean Tribology Society academic conference

Professor Ryu Geun Hanyang University Professor Ryu Geun from the College of Engineering Sciences Department of Mechanical Engineering received the Best Paper Award with a paper titled “Recent Research Issues and Trends in Turbocharger Rotary Axis Support and Lubrication System” at the 69th Korean Tribology Society academic conference on September 25th. This paper contains solutions and future development plans regarding the current status and further outlooks on turbochargers for internal combustion engines and the characteristics of rotary axis support factors and lubrication system research and development issues that are being highlighted in the development process of electric turbochargers. Global News Team Translation by: Park Gyeong-min

2020-10 07

[Event]ERICA Student Council holds a COVID-19 Free Topic Design and Video Contest

Hanyang University's ERICA Student Council Harang is holding an Untact Contest titled 'Hanyang Connection'. Harang said the contest will be held to provide students with a chance to display their talents during COVID-19. The theme of the contest is free topics related to COVID-19 and will be categorized into banner slogans or designs, and video. Both categories will be for students enrolled in the second semester at Hanyang University ERICA, and teams of up to three can also be accepted. The teams selected for excellence will receive prize money for each category. The application period varies by sector. The banner slogan and design section are until October 11th, and the video section is until October 31st. Application forms can be viewed on the student council's website, and applications can be received via Harang email ( According to the notice, the winners of the contest will be posted on the school SNS, and on the social media of the Harang Student Council. Harang also said that if there is no work that meets the criteria for selection, the award may not proceed, and that if someone else's work is stolen without permission, the award can be canceled, with the prize money retrieved. ▲ 'Hanyang Connection' Contest Information Card News (Source: ERICA Student Council Harang Facebook) Global News Team Translation by: Park Gyeong-min

2020-10 07

[General][Photo] The Future Education Building exterior construction finished… Opening soon

The ‘Future Education Building’, which is the School of Nursing’s exclusive building, is waiting to be opened. The construction that began on the July of 2019 met its end on the exterior and is currently on the interior construction. The opening ceremony is planned for mid-November. (Photo by : Chanel H) Global News Team Translation by: Park Gyeong-min