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2020-09 21

[Policy][COVID-19] Hanyang University's Social Distancing Level Measures... Established Criteria for Each Level

On the 2nd of this month, Hanyang University's Infectious Disease Control Committee established the "HYU Social Distancing Level Criteria and Implementation Plan" based on the standards and implementation plans of the Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasure Headquarters. According to the report, classes, tests, offline events, administrative office work, laboratory work, meetings, libraries, cafeteria, and fever tests will be adjusted according to the situation on the level of social distancing. Firstly, classes will be held both offline and online at the 1st level of social distancing. Small theoretical, experimental, and practical classes will be conducted offline. When the social distancing level increases to the 2nd level, all classes will be conducted both offline and online except for small group graduate school classes. When the social distancing level increases to level 3, all classes will be conducted online. For exams, offline and online examinations will be held at levels 1 and 2 but at level 3, examinations will be held online only. Offline events are allowed at level 1, but quarantine rules must be followed. When the social distancing level increases to the second level, an event with more than 50 people indoors and more than 100 people outdoors will be banned. At level 3, group meetings of more than 10 people will be banned. In the first stage, administration and research lab work is carried out in compliance with quarantine rules. When the social distancing level increases to level 2, half of the total members will be converted to telecommuting. At level 3, all members will be telecommuted except for the required number of people. Meetings are available offline at level 1, following the quarantine rules and when increased to level 2, meetings will be carried out both offline and online. When social distancing level increases to level 3, only online meetings will be allowed. In addition, the library's study areas will operate from 9 AM to 10 PM at levels 1 and 2 of social distancing in compliance with quarantine rules. At level 3, the study areas will be closed, and the library will operate on a limited basis for students borrowing and returning books. The school cafeteria is allowed to operate at levels 1 and 2 of quarantine, but at level 3, there will be limited operation. Fever check-up will be monitored at all stages of social distancing. ▶ See the details at Hanyang Wiki코로나19/단계별거리두기 Global News Team Translation by: Lee Hee-jin

2020-09 16

[Policy]Hanyang University newly establishes 'Hanyang Digital Healthcare Center'

Hanyang University recently established the Hanyang Digital Healthcare Center (hereinafter the Center) on the Seoul Campus. The Center aims to systematically conduct research related to Digital Therapeutics and its applications. The Center aims to vitalize interdisciplinary research based on engineering, behavioral science, neuroscience, clinical and artificial intelligence, and aims to establish digital therapeutics data sets and provide service technologies. For this to happen, the following will occur: ▼Digital Therapeutics Fundamentals and Applied Studies to enhance the university research competitiveness and internationalization, ▼ Obtaining information to carry out research tasks related to Digital Therapeutics and setting a research subject, ▼ Management of research support facilities and the operation of Extra research resources to promote research efficiency enhancement, ▼ Research presentations, seminars, and subsequent publications, ▼ Digital Therapeutics related interdisciplinary convergence research for developing research manpower, and ▼ Cooperation and joint research with related domestic and international research institutes. ▶See contents at Hanyang Weki Digital Healthcare Center Global News Team Translation by: Park Gyeong-min

2020-09 10 Important News

[Policy]“Where to register remote class complaints?” Hanyang University opens the Course Quality Improvement Center

Hanyang University opened the ‘Course Quality Improvement Center’ on August 28. It was created to enhance the operation of courses and the communication between professors, students, and administrative departments as the COVID-19 situation persists, while diverse class types such as the face-to-face class, the non-face-to-face class, and mixed classes continue on. From September 1st (Tuesday), the Course Quality Improvement Center, a complaint solving system for courses, will be in operatioin. With the system, fast complaint handling is possible by gathering comments from students and professors, and providing answers from professors and administrative departments. Additionally, answers must be provided within 48 hours after question registration. Instructors and students can choose anonymity (optional) to freely give their own opinions. Log-in to the HY-in Portal, access 「MY Home-My lecture room」 choose the course and question type to receive answers in 48 hours. PC and mobile applications are all available and the courses are based on those registered/in charge of. ▶Click to see according Hanyang University announcement Global News Team Translation by: Park Gyeong-min

2020-09 02

[Policy]Changed Parking System Applied for the Fall Semester

The parking system of the Seoul Campus will go through a partial change starting from the fall semester. Some regulations that have been temporarily allowed until the end of the 2020 year will be newly applied again starting from January of 2021. Accordingly, 'Untacting,' a term coined in South Korea to describe a contactless world, will be reinforced as a service during the process of parking management. Untacting service will be provided through a PC or mobile application, without having to visit the parking office. Even for the cases where parking tickets for events are needed, registration should be done online. The parking price for faculty will also be raised from 1,000 won to 2,000 won starting from the fall semester. For the discount price, 10 hours, 12 hours, and the one day pass will all be removed. Only 2, 3, 6, 8 hour passes will be used. Meanwhile, providing discounts by showing personal ID will also be stopped starting from January of 2020. This is due to the increase in automatic payments, where registered vehicles must register through a seasonal ticket or go through the discount process. While registered vehicles can receive a discount service if the seasonal ticket is not registered, the regular price will be applied to vehicles that are not registered. A paper parking ticket will only be used temporarily until the end of this year. Visiting vehicles will receive a discount through the 'smart parking ticket' that will be given from the visiting department. Global News Team Translation by: Lee Won-young

2020-09 02

[Policy]QR-PASS System Operated for Entering Campus Buildings

Due to the spread of COVID-19 and reaching the second level of social distancing, Seoul and the ERICA Campus will reinforce the university prevention system though applying the campus QR-PASS system. The Office of Information and Communications Technology Services informed that the QR-PASS system is operated by connecting the 'COVID-19 Self-Checking List' on the portal log-in and the 'Mobile Electronic List System' that is used for the campus building entrance. For the operation of the QR-PASS system, a QR code will be attached to each building entrance in a panel form with the information of the buildings. The system will be officially operational starting from September 1st after undergoing a testing period of one week. ▲ QR-PASS guide using the Hanyang University Application (Contributed by: Office of Information and Communications Technology Guide) Through the system, not only those related to the university such as students and faculties, but also those using other institutions, visitors, and the public can self-check their health status and log their building entrance. If the Hanyang University application is already installed, the QR scan page can be opened directly by touching the 'QR-PASS' menu. Even if the application is not installed, the QR code can still be scanned by using the portal application, by following the scanning guide posted on every entrance of the buildings. While the QR-PASS has to be checked every time when entering a building, a self-checking list only needs to be made once a day regardless of the buildings. As the QR-PASS system is being operated, body temperature checking stickers will not be given out anymore. Check the details at [[Hanyang Wiki]] Global News Team Translation by: Lee Won-young

2020-08 26

[Policy]University Administration Implementing a Work-from-Home System

Due to the proliferation of COVID-19 and the announcement of the 2nd level of social distancing, the university administration has also changed to a work-from-home system. On the 21st, the Human Resources Team announced that they will follow the guidelines given by the Student Health Care Center and implement a circulated-work-from-home system to lower the number of staff working in offices. The work-from-home system will be in place for 2 weeks starting from the 24th and ending on the 4th of next month; the policy will apply to all staff and researchers. According to the plan, only 50% of the personnel from each office will be in the offices, rotating after a week. However, some offices with difficulties carrying out their workload do not need to follow the plan according to the decision of the each head of office. Those that are pregnant will continue to work from home without rotation. After two weeks, the plan may be extended according to the situation. The circulated-work-from-home system will need to be operated in a way that secures the original workload. For this matter, all staff is required to apply call forwarding and use a VPN so that they can receive a office phone call from their mobile phone and access school information with their laptop. Additionally, all staff needs to write a daily work log and maintain the security of documents. Some offices will be unable to follow the plan, especially those related to student services, graduation preparation, and preparation for the new semester. However, the plan also applies to student workers, stopping them from coming to their offices or changing them to a work-from-home system. Global News Team Translation by: Lee Won-young

2020-08 25

[Policy]COVID-19 Special Scholarship...All Students Will Receive 150,000 Won

In order to relieve the economic pressures of students and parents and to provide a stable education during the COVID-19 crisis, each student will be given a special scholarship of 150,000 won. Hanyang University established a Communication Committee that pays attention to the voices of students regarding online classes and has a student representatives and head of the central department as members. During the meeting, the student representativse explained in detail the inconveniences and requirements of students, and the school headquarters tried to come up with a realistic support method by explaining the decreased earnings and changes in expenditures. As a result, they decided to provide the COVID-19 Special Scholarship." The head of the central department in Hanyang university decided to maintain the fall semester grade scholarships and household difficulty funds as planned and prepared an additional 3 billion won through business restructuring, cutting operating costs, and donations from faculty and alumni. The subjects of the payments are 11,980 students who did not receive a 100% support scholarship during the 2020 spring semester. Students who received a full-tuition scholarship from the school or an outside source, are on a leave of absence, have been expelled, or are delaying their degree cannot receive the scholarship. Students can check whether they are eligible for payment through Hanyang Portal – MY Home – Registration/Scholarship – Scholarship details. Unlike other scholarships, the COVID-19 special scholarship does not require any additional registration. It will be sent to the personal accounts of students eligible for payment in August. However, deposits may not be possible if personal accounts are not registered in the Hanyang Portal or if account numbers are wrong or contain errors. Thus it is necessary to check if the account number is properly entered before August 21. Hanyang University Communication Committee Chairman Professor Lee Sang-min said in his email to students to “please understand if there are inconveniences, although this is a support policy that considers the school’s current account situation,” and that “we will constantly listen to the many student voices through the Communication Committee in the future.” Detailed information can be checked through the Student Union homepage and the COVID-19 special scholarship announcement. ▲ Email sent to students, translation below Good evening. This is the chairman of the Communication Committee, Professor Lee Sang-min of the Division of Business Administration. I would first like to send words of comfort during the difficulties you are facing due to COVID-19, a worldwide pandemic. Our campus was not exempt from the impact, so we have been dealing with the crisis through establishing our own Infectious Disease Control Committee and Good Class TFT/Hope Class TFT. We have been trying our best for students’ safety assurance and education quality maintenance by running face-to-face classes while following the quarantine guidelines for experimental classes and several theoretical classes. However, we have heard the voices of those asking for tuition refunds due to student inconveniences regarding online classes and not being able to spend time on campus. So, we established the Communication Committee that has a student representative and Headquarters faculty as members, as the students have required. The student representatives explained in detail the discomforts students are facing, and the school headquarters explained the unexpected decrease in income and changes in expenditures by providing clear data. There were differences in opinion, but we tried to come up with a realistic solution amidst the crisis that nobody welcomed. As a result, we decided to provide the COVID-19 Support Scholarship as detailed below. 1) Recipients of payment_ Students (including international students) who did not receive 100% full-tuition scholarships (including national, school-based, and non-school-based) for the spring semester of 2020. * Non-registered returning students and students who have exceeded semesters are included in the scholarship support if they did not receive a 100% scholarship, but students on a leave of absence after paying for the tuition and those who have been expelled/dropped out are not included. 2) Amount of payment_ 150,000 won to each student 3) Sources of financing_ While maintaining the fall semester grade scholarships and household difficulty scholarships, 3 billion won from business restructuring, decreases in expenditures, and donations from faculty and alumni has been gathered 4) Method of payment_ Deposits to personal accounts * Registration of personal accounts in the Hanyang Portal system by August 21 is required Method of registration: Portal log in – Application – Registration/Scholarship – Personal Account Management (For long-term non-used accounts, deposits may not be possible and availability checks are required) 5) Details can be obtained through the Portal announcement after 2020. 8. 19. This support may not satisfy your expectations. However, we hope to be of at least a little help to you, so please understand if there are insufficiencies by considering the current school economic situation. We will continue to listen to the voices of students through the Communication Committee. Furthermore, we will ensure safety in administering the fall semester and try our best to provide the best education to help students continue to grow. Thank you. Hanyang University Communication Committee Chairman ▲ Check the Student Union Facebook ▲ Check the COVID-19 Special Scholarship announcement Global News Team Translation by: Park Gyeong-min

2020-08 21 Important News

[Policy]Online class for 2 weeks after the start of the semester.. “Full-application irrelevant to the registered student number”

The Academic Service Team announced on August 20 that all classes will be conducted as online classes for two weeks after the start of the semester as the Seoul·Gyeonggi region’s social distancing level has gone up to level 2 in accordance with the current spread of the COVID-19. The online classes will be fully applied to all classes, irrelevant to the registered student numbers, for two weeks from September 1 to 14. The IC-PBL and experimental classes are without exception. Online classes will be done through live-lectures or online recorded lectures and face-to-face or assignment-based classes will not be progressed during this period. According to the Academic Service team, “the future online class period can be extended according to the situation of the COVID-19”. Meanwhile, the Academic Service Team has announced earlier on June 18 that online classes in the second semester will be carried out if instructors of theoretical classes with more than 20 students and IC-PBL theoretical classes wished to do so, while also saying that conditions could change along with the COVID-19 situation. Global News Team Translation by: Park Gyeong-min

2020-07 29

[Policy][COVID-19] Office of International Affairs Canceled the Selection of 2021 Spring Semester Outgoing Exchange Students

On the 3rd, the Office of International Affairs announced that they will cancel the selection of 2021 Spring Semester Outgoing Exchange Students due to the global spread of COVID-19. About 75% of outgoing exchange students have returned due to the proliferation of COVID-19, while about 93% of the expected exchange students canceled the program for the fall semester. The decisions were made due to inevitable causes such as program cancellations of exchange schools or visa issues in other countries. While such inevitable reasons are expected to continue, the Office of International Affairs decided to cancel the selection of exchange students for the 2021 spring semester. However, the exchange program is still available to those that were selected in 2020, pending the approval of the exchange schools. Also, to provide as many choices as possible to the students, the Office of International Affairs is considering easing the regulation that states that students must be registered at school one semester before the exchange program, regarding the selection for 2021 fall semester. When the decision on the matter is made, registration qualification will expand to students that have registered for 7 semesters in total. The Office of International Affairs mentioned that "we ask for your consideration since this is a matter related to the safety of the students, and we will try our best to normalize the overseas exchange program as the situation improves." Global News Team Translation by: Lee Won-young

2020-07 27

[Policy]Summer Semester Grade Evaluation During COVID-19, Same as the First Semester

The Office of Academic Affairs Academic Service Team announced the 2020 summer semester Seoul Campus course grade evaluation method on May 23. This is regarding the Infectious Disease Control Committee’s decision on COVID-19 response measures. In the summer semester, the "relative evaluation 4" grade evaluation method was applied, as it had been in the first semester. This method limits grades of A to 40%, with no limits on grades of B or below. Compared to the "relative evaluation 1" method (A 30%, A+B 70%) and "relative evaluation 2" method (A 40%, A+B 80%), the rate of As and Bs increased. An important factor to notice is that because the "relative evaluation 4" is a method of limiting grades of A to under 40% of all course-takers, it is not required for 40% receive an A. Therefore, the grade ratio may vary according to courses and instructors. Also, absolute evaluation and P/F evaluation stays the same with no alterations. Global News Team Translation by: Park Gyeong-min

2020-07 23

[Policy]Hanyang University Provides Admission Information for Visually-impaired Students

There have been many cases where students with serious and mild visual impairments have been marginalized due to the lack of braille or audio support resources on admission information. Especially this year, where the breakout of COVID-19 has caused all lectures to be held online, it has become harder for students with such disabilities to receive proper admission information. With this issue considered, Hanyang University has published the Talking Braille Admission Book for institutions such as schools and welfare centers for students with disabilities. The admission book is divided into two parts. One is the braille booklet that holds information such as Hanyang University's admission types, majors, and guide on the support services for disabled students. The other part is a USB with an audio file of the booklet. Hanyang University also conducts visiting 1 on 1 admissions consultation for students who are physically challenged by an admissions officer who has received education for the blind and students with disabilities. The visitations started on the 21st with the Seoul National School for the Blind,and individual consultations will be held both online and offline with the Hanbit School and the Areum School. The Head of the Office of Admissions, Lee Jea-jin mentioned that "Hanyang University does not limit the admission registration of students with disabilities from a certain major or admission type. This is to ensure that students with disabilities have a fair chance." There is also a special admission type for those in need of special education." He also added that "Hanyang University will work harder to create "The kinder admission" by maintaining communication with visually disabled students that have been marginalized and helping them receive admission information." Global News Team Translation by: Lee Won-young

2020-07 22

[Policy]Hanyang University Will Appoint 100 Start-up Mentors and Help 'Scale-up'

Hanyang University will appoint 100 start-up mentors both nationally and from abroad and provide all-areas-considered mentoring support for the Scale-up of start-up companies in their beginning stages. For this, the Hanyang University Startup Support Foundation will create a one-stop start-up consulting center where a start-up professor will reside, operating a scale-up incubator at Seongsu-dong, near the Seoul campus. Also, the university opened global start-up base offices in the three locations of Silicon Valley, Shanghai, and Hanoi with global mentor groups who can actively support the alumni's global reach. The start-up mentor group made up of around 100 people are from a total of 14 areas: △taxation·accounting △law·judicial affairs △intellectual property rights △marketing·markets △labor-management △investment △establishment fundraising △business modeling △prototype development △entering global marketplaces △campus technical advice (professors) △private technical advice (executives of conglomerates) △scale-up (KOSDAQ representative) △peer CEO. It is planning to provide customized mentoring that fits the level of startups, by having mentors such as a KOSDAQ CEO, an alumni of Hanyang University who has abundant experience with exits such as investment, M&As, IPOs, or a young CEO that has succeded in attracting large-scale investments. The one-stop start-up consulting center can be used by anyone that is preparing a start-up. They can register by calling the Startup Support Foundation or contacting the Kakaotalk Channel "Hanyang Startup Talktalk." Ryu Chang-wan, the Head of the Startup Support Foundation, commented that "this mentor group has been established with specialists from various fields that can provide help to start-ups that are in their beginning stages," and also added that "the foundation will actively support these start-ups scale-up through customized mentoring." Global News Team Translation by: Lee Won-young